All tuition monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month. Visit our Payments page to make a payment. Checks will also be accepted. They should made out to DNA Dance Collective and can be collected via the payments box set out on the first of each month just inside the door of Studio B.


Fee for returned checks is $25. 

Late fee of $25 if tuition not paid on time. 

Monthly tuition is calculated by hours danced per week. 

Monthly tuition is based on the number of class hours provided throughout the ten month dance season, which runs September 3rd, 2019 through end of June 2020. Tuition payments are divided into ten equal payments, ​September 2019 through June 2020. 

Paid tuition is non-refundable. To remove your child from a class, you must notify DNA Dance Collective 30 days prior to billing period. 

Yearly family registration fee of $40 per dancer. 

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