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Our Mission. 

A boutique dance collective concentrated on providing a competitive edge for students who wish to grow their fundamental technique or for those pursuing the next step in the dance industry.

Why we are different. 

  • Capped class sizes to enhance 1:1 feedback, create more student-centered environments, and personal instruction.

  • Active community participation and performance opportunities.

  • Strategic use of time in classes so learning is optimized. Less, is sometimes more.

  • Yearly campaigns for social humanitarian issues - (For example, large group pieces geared towards raising awareness on our annual campaigns). 

  • We are a genuine leadership team focused on putting the best interest of our students and families first.

  • If you choose to attend a class at another educational location to complement our training program, we welcome it!


  • Clear and transparent communication with families that bridges the gap between students, teachers and parents.

  • For those in The Collective or Ground Up programs, monthly performance conferences with student, teacher and parents. Additional progress reports sent home with feedback and areas for growth.

  • For those in The Collective or Ground Up programs, required participation in a mentorship program that connects younger dancers with their older counterparts. We want to provide a safe and friendly outlet for all of our growing artists.

  • Structured pricing model designed with transparency in mind. For those in The Collective, community fundraising will be available to offset convention, competition, and costuming costs.

  • Building exceptional technicians across all genres is our main focus.

Our policies. 

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