Our Mission. 

A boutique dance collective concentrated on providing a competitive edge for students who wish to grow their fundamental technique or for those pursuing the next step in the dance industry.

Why we are different. 

  • Capped class sizes to enhance 1:1 feedback, create more student-centered environments, and personal instruction.

  • Active community participation and performance opportunities.

  • Strategic use of time in classes so learning is optimized. Less, is sometimes more.

  • Yearly campaigns for social humanitarian issues - (For example, large group pieces geared towards raising awareness on our annual campaigns). 

  • We are a genuine leadership team focused on putting the best interest of our students and families first.

  • If you choose to attend a class at another educational location to complement our training program, we welcome it!


  • Clear and transparent communication with families that bridges the gap between students, teachers and parents.

  • For those in The Collective or Ground Up programs, monthly performance conferences with student, teacher and parents. Additional progress reports sent home with feedback and areas for growth.

  • For those in The Collective or Ground Up programs, required participation in a mentorship program that connects younger dancers with their older counterparts. We want to provide a safe and friendly outlet for all of our growing artists.

  • Structured pricing model designed with transparency in mind. For those in The Collective, community fundraising will be available to offset convention, competition, and costuming costs.

  • Building exceptional technicians across all genres is our main focus.

Our policies. 

  1. We reserve the right to remove any student from The Collective, Ground Up, or #Foundations programs at any time.

  2. $40 annual registration fee.

  3. Any additional sibling will receive 10% off their tuition fee.

  4. Classes with 3 or less students will be capped at 45 mins for #foundations program. #MiniMovers classes with 3 students or less will be cancelled the following month should enrollment not meet class criteria. 

  5. Please be prompt with picking up and dropping off students.

  6. No hanging out or loitering around or behind the building at any time. Students will remain indoors once dropped off for class.

  7. No gum chewing, food or drink are allowed in the studio rooms with the exception of water.

  8. Students will utilize all cubbies for their belongings during class sessions.

  9. No dancers allowed in studio space with the absence of any DNA Dance Collective instructor.

  10. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the company of any changes of enrollment. Accounts will not be refunded if a dancer takes a month off and has not informed DNA Dance Collective.

  11. Tuition is NOT refundable.

  12. All accounts will receive a receipt (paper or email) upon charges.

  13. The studio will be closed for the following holidays: Halloween (Oct 31st), Week of Thanksgiving, Winter break, Spring break, and Memorial day.

  14. DNA Dance Collective reserves the right to cancel classes at our discretion. A makeup day will provided to cover tuition already paid.

  15. NO tolerance of student to student, student to parent, or parent to parent harassment. This is grounds for immediate dismissal of the entire family from DNA Dance Collective. 

  16. Students will adhere to uniform policies that will be set forth upon the first day of classes for each genre. (The Collective will have their own uniform policies outlined in their handbook)

© 2018 by DNA Dance Co.

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