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DNA's competitive program is called

The Collective.

Collective dancers compete contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, jazz and tap. 

- The Collective is an audition only program

- There is only 1 audition per season

- Ages for the program range from 5 - 18 

- Dancers commit to an 11 month season with 5 competitive events which include 2 conventions 

- Dancers must take the required classes by genre to stay in good standing with the program

- Dancers may only miss 6 piece rehearsals per season 

- The program is a commitment to the studio, your teams and most importantly yourself

Before you register, read this! 

When are auditions?

June 4, 2023 

*specific age/times to come

Age Breakouts: 

(Age is based on your child's age on Jan 1, 2024)

9 and Under 



Genres Offered:





What will auditions entail?

Dancers are broken into their appropriate age groups and will perform a combo in the genre they're auditioning for. Combos are learned either at the in-person clinic or via video.

Combos are not taught on the day of auditions. 

How do I learn the audition combos?

In-Person Clinic, Friday/Saturday June 2 & 3: $25 

Via Instructional Videos (will not attend clinic in person) : $10 

*You are not required to attend the in-person clinic, but you do need to learn combos prior to showing up on June 4. Sign-up for whichever option works better for your dancer.

Videos will be released via email on Friday, June 2. 

How do I know if I made it?

Audition results will be posted by audition number (to ensure confidentiality) on our website on Wednesday, June 7. This result shows what genres you made, not what specific pieces you are casted in. Piece placement comes out in July after the parent meeting. 

How do I register?

There are 2 steps to registration. You must do both to have a complete registration.

Step 1: Register for Auditions via the link below. 

Register Dancer Here

Step 2: Pay for your choice of learning combos via links below (in-person or video) 

In Person Clinic 

Via Video 

Can't make it to the audition?

Video Audition Information Here

Additional questions?

Reach out to DNA via email at

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