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Chapter 7 Audition Details 

2024-2025 Season

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Everything you need to know about how to audition: 

Step 1: Register above and pay the audition fee. Register before 5/1 for a discount on the audition fee. 

Step 2: Receive the combo instruction videos by email on June 1st to learn all the genre combos at home.

Step 3: Practice the combos at home! Every genre you want to audition for has it's own combo. 

Step 4: Attend the optional audition clinic. Times below. It is not required, but highly suggested, to ensure you have the choreography down. 

Step 5: Show up on Sunday, June 9th during your time slot prepared and ready to show your best self! 


Audition FAQ


What is my audition age?

You will audition based on your age that you will be on Jan 1, 2025. 


Do I have to audition for every genre?

No, but DNA believes that cross-training in various styles is the key to success. 

What do I wear to auditions? 

DNA expects dancers to come dressed to impress, with hair pulled cleanly out of their face. For each genre you should have appropriate shoes. This is an audition, and you want to stand out. 

How do I know if I make it? 

All results are posted by NUMBER only on the DNA website on Wednesday, June 12th at 12PM. Results are final. 

Will there be a parent meeting for those who make The Collective?

Mandatory Parent Meeting June 13th at 6:00PM for those selected. If you cannot attend, we will provide a Zoom link. If you have other conflicts that will not allow you to Zoom in, we will use the Zoom recording feature for you to watch back and monitor parent attendance. It is vital that all parents attend and understand our program, both old and new. 

Audition results are final.

If your child was not selected for our program this year, that does not mean they may not be selected in the future. DNA has an exciting Pre-Collective that trains in both hip-hop and jazz (with access to ballet and tap technique classes) that is a great bridge to our more selective Collective program. This program also attends two regional competitions and is for ages 5-10. Auditions for this program are on June 19 at 5PM. Pre-Collective is a 3 hour per week commitment. 


Sign up for Pre-Collective auditions here!

We cannot say enough how proud we are of every dancer putting themselves out there. Auditioning for anything takes courage, and we thank your dancer for sharing their passions with us! 

Additional questions?

Reach out to DNA via email at

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