Any dancer auditioning must pre-register.

This does include those dancers submitting videos. Scroll below the photo to view the video requirements. 

Registered dancers will be sent communication on auditions via email used at time of registration. 

All audition results and video submissions will be kept confidential and dancers selected to the Collective will be notified via email. 

Collective season runs from August through July with mandatory bootcamp starting in August 2021.

Video Requirements 

Videos must be submitted by May 1, 2021 at noon. We are open to receiving submissions prior to that. Submissions should be sent via email to: You should dress for an audition and look professional from head to toe. 

1. ABOUT ME: Dancers should do a 30 second intro to answer the following questions: 

- Name, Age, Grade for 2021-2022 school year 

- What style of dance are you auditioning for?

- Why do you love to dance? 

- Do you have competitive dance experience? If so, for how long?

2. CHOREOGRAPHY: Dancers should submit a combination or former performance in every genre they are auditioning for. 

- Combination or performance should have a minimum of 30 seconds for each genre 

- If your performance is a group, please be explicit which dancer is you. 

3. IMPROV: You may choose any genre and music of your choice 

- 30 seconds of improv showing your best movement and creativity 

4. TECHNICAL SKILLS: If auditioning for jazz or contemporary, please demonstrate the following: 

- Best pirouette turns (however many you can do cleanly) 

- 3 splits 

- 2 extensions of choice (leg holds, penché, leg hold turns, needle, arabesque) 

- 3 jumps of choice (jetés, calypsos, firebirds, center leaps, any turning leap of choice) 

- choice acrobatic skills (front back walkover, aerials, back handsprings, etc) 

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