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Hip Hop Technique

A class geared towards understanding foundations of certain hip hop styles including but not limited to (popping, locking, animation, grooving and krump). This specific training model will help technique needed for The Collective competitive pieces. Baggy pants, shorts, sneakers. 


Jazz Technique

A class structured to enhance a student’s technical acumen in select skills including but not limited to (turns, leaps, extensions, flexibility, movement quality and lines). This class has required items that will be used every week (see purchase list). Fitted clothing, half-soles or jazz shoes. 



Convention styled class where students learn a choreography combination every week in varying styles. This class will help improve choreography retention, execution and performance quality in small groups. Students are expected to bring ALL shoes to every class.



A ballet class focused on providing ballet technique for competitive training for jazz and contemporary dancers. Work at the barre for flexibility, strength and lines will be complemented by center floor work. Pointe is not offered. Required to wear pink ballet shoes, leotard, and pink tights. 


A space and time provided for individual students to rehearse their solo and duo/trio choreography with an instructor in a small group setting. Most likely the instructor is NOT your choreographer - this is a time for rehearsal, not cleaning and changing choreography. 


Collective Rehearsals

Collective rehearsals are for reviewing and cleaning of competitive pieces. Multiple pieces will share the rehearsal time to maximize learning and performance objectives.

#foundations (all styles)  

This class will focus on building students' basic technical acumen across jazz, contemporary and hip-hop styles. This is a non-competitive class. Use age range on class schedule to find the appropriate fit. No required class uniform except in Ballet classes. 

#MiniMovers (all styles)  

An introduction to dance for our tiniest of artists. We ask that Kindergartners explore our #Foundations program. Genres include: ballet/tap combination and hip-hop.  Use age range on class schedule to find the appropriate fit. 

Mommy and Me 

A parent participation class that focuses on music, rhythm, coordination and play! 

Stretch and Strength 

A class focused on building the flexibility and strength required to be a successful dancer. Strongly suggested for members of our Jazz and Contemporary Collective groups. 

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