Updated March 30, 2020


Dates of Importance

Monday, March 16 - Sunday, March 29, 2020 - Online learning only. No group classes permitted.
Monday, March 30 - April 5 - NEW dates for DNA Spring Break - Completely closed. 
Monday, May 4 - Reopen to public pending any new developments from CDC or government
Monday, June 22 - Saturday, June 27 - Optional Make Up Week #1 from March 
Monday, June 29 - Friday, July 3 - Optional Make Up Week #2 from March 

Monday, July 6 - Friday, July 24 - Free tech classes for all dancers paid and registered in April 2020 and May 2020 (Schedule TBA)


How do I engage with classes my child is enrolled in for the month of April?

- We are moving to a full virtual and LIVE learning model. Classes for all ages, levels, and programs will be conducted LIVE via Zoom video conference. Staying connected to our students is of our utmost importance not only for their continued growth in dance, but for their personal relationships with us, other dancers and their art form/physical activity. We are lucky to be able to continue learning dance in this method while other sports and activities can not. For this, we feel so fortunate. 

- Access the updated schedule here

- Each class will have a unique Zoom link accessible via the above document and will be posted prior to the class. Students will need to log out of each class, and then log back in should they have back to back classes. 

- We have enabled the "waiting room" feature on our Zooms which will allow us to approve or disapprove folks waiting to join the class. This feature allows us to do our best to protect your dancer and ourselves from unwanted patrons in our classes. If this becomes and issue we will move to a password protected model. 


How else can my dancer stay engaged?

We want to keep our dance life going in the most positive way possible. As your dancer is staying active at home, please post anything relevant on your social media outlets as you feel comfortable. We will be using #DNAathome during the next few weeks to help organize all the posts. 

Your continued support during this trying time means the absolute world to us as owners, our staff, your dancer, and the future of DNA. Our vision remains the same, and our passion for dance is unwavering. We promise to continue working harder then ever for our DNA families. 


Thank you, 



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