Amber Adams is the cofounder and tap/jazz director/choreographer at DNA Dance Collective. After 20 years of professional dance training in the Bay Area, North Carolina and South Carolina, Amber has been teaching, choreographing and directing competitive and recreational dancers since 2007. Most recently, she has been choreographing and teaching at local studios in the Placer County area, and also in Los Gatos at a nationally ranked studio. She has trained dancers that have gone on to study dance at: Sacramento State, University of Kansas, Chapman University, San Diego State, UCLA, UCI, and perform for NFL and NBA dance teams. Dancers under Amber's direction have been signed with various agencies in Los Angeles, and New York and have gone on to study dance further at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and tour with conventions such as Tremaine, ASH, and BellaMoxi. In addition to receiving her Masters degree from UC Davis, Amber has adjudicated for various national dance competitions (both studio and high school/collegiate based), and produced nationally recognized choreography for studio, high school and collegiate dancers all over the United States. Dancers trained by Amber have earned many top overalls, judges' awards, and accolades for best technique and choreography. Outside of her passion for dance, Amber currently works as a technical recruiter for a tech company based in San Francisco and enjoys spending time with her husband and little girl, Penelope. 

Danielle Bordeaux is the cofounder and contemporary director/choreographer at DNA Dance Collective. Danielle started dancing at a young age in her hometown San Ramon and gradually expanded her dance training throughout  California. Danielle gained her strengths and techniques from various studios as a competitive dancer and went on to pursue a career as a contemporary choreographer in 2012. During her years as an instructor and choreographer, Danielle danced professionally for NBA on the Sacramento Kings Dance Team and choreographed for the program for three consecutive seasons. Throughout her exposure as an ambassador with the Sacramento Kings, Danielle had the opportunity to travel internationally to India, China and Canada where she performed and connected with small communities around the world. Her students have gone on to pursue dance careers of their own through MSA Talent Agency representation, on collegiate dance teams and in the NFL. In the fall of 2018 she will be earning her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Dance from Sacramento State University. Danielle’s students inspire her to push the boundaries of movement while combining different aesthetics into her work. Danielle's soloists, duo/trios and groups have placed in the overalls for various regional and national competitions. Dance has empowered her to sustain healthy relationships with her friends, family and mentees that also help foster her artistry in the local dance community. 

Derek Troy is the cofounder and hip-hop director/choreographer for DNA Dance Collective. Derek grew up in the small town of Rocklin, CA where his passion for dance was sparked at the age of 17. Derek has trained in many genres of dance but considers himself to be an all-styles hip-hop dancer. He has trained in styles such as: locking, popping, breaking and animation. After training in hip-hop for several years, Derek then started dancing with hip-hop icon Greg Chapkis, where he and his crew won 1st place in the country at Hip-Hop International and World of Dance Bay Area in 2014. Dancing In Sacramento, Derek then began training with cast members from the Jabbawokeez where he was properly trained in freestyle fundamentals. Continuing through his hip-hop career, he then went on to sign with the Movement Talent Agency (MSA) in Los Angeles, CA. His passion for dance is exponential, but his love and commitment to teaching and training students has surpassed even that. He is a sought after teacher and choreographer in the Sacramento area ranging all the way from Nevada to the state of Hawaii. Derek was also nominated for “Best Dance Instructor 2017” by Styles Magazine in the Rocklin, Granite Bay, and Loomis Area where he placed 2nd. He has won multiple 1st place overall titles at competitions such as Starbound, KAR, Legacy, Rainbow and Onstage New York. Recently, Derek garnered awards for “Best Choreography" by Legacy Dance Competition. Derek has also trained dancers who have made appearances on such platforms such as: Netflix Original shows, Hulu, So You Think You Can Dance, and more. 

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Mercedes is a hip hop teacher and choreographer at DNA Dance Collective and Mercedes has been training extensively in hip hop for the last decade. Her expertise is in multiple styles of hip hop and has been choreographing winning pieces for the last 8 years at multiple studios across Northern California. She has trained and performed with crews in Sacramento such as Xposed Dance Company. Dancers training with Mercedes have won national titles and awards with her choreography. Mercedes is very passionate about training the next generation of kids to continue the the culture of hip hop and embrace who they are... and how they love to dance! 


Jordan is a young, yet innovative choreographer. He is known for his technical style with that blends jazz, lyrical and contemporary, all which are  in his background dance education. He specializes in jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet and tap. Jordan has had the opportunity to work with some of the most sought out choreographers such as: Shannon Mather, Jamie Donovan, Patrice Barakat, Brooke Pierotti, Rebecca Hart and more. Along with working with talented choreographers, he was trained under the direction of successful professionals Bill Langley, Brian Drogosch and Tamie Slader at a top Bay Area dance studio. As a performer, Jordan has won many overalls, titles and scholarships in his dance journey. He started teaching at the age of 14, and has been able to travel across the country to assist bringing his elements of dance to a new level. As a choreographer, Jordan has won overalls and achievements for his dancers every season across various studios. Jordan’s teaching style keeps expectations high, but has demands focus and a the goal of being the best you can be each day. His hard work, dedication and creativity shows and brings out the best in all his dancers. Jordan can’t wait to see what this next season has in store at DNA. Jordan looks forward to working with everyone!

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Carly  is a jazz and lyrical teacher at DNA dance collective and has trained under many well respected professionals over the past decade. Carly was on the Whitney High School dance team for four years and was captain of the competition and basketball season her senior year. She is an instructor for the National Dance Alliance where she has has had the opportunity to travel around the country to teach and train high school and middle school dance teams for the past two years. Carly was a competitive dancer for twelve years and won many overalls and national titles while competing with her teams. Carly is passionate about creativity a positive environment, pushing dancers to be their best inside and outside of the studio. Carly is our awesome leader of the Pre-Collective Jazz/Contemporary program. 

Haley is a ballet barre instructor at DNA Dance Collective. She started dancing when she was four and has 13 years of experience dancing recreationally and competitively in a broad variety of styles. Her training started in Yuba County and has expanded to several studios through the years. Haley’s competed from Sacramento to Las Vegas in all styles (including ballet), winning several national titles. She’s studied at conventions learning from choreographers such as Travis Wall and Mia Michaels. In junior high she was chosen for a Pre-Professional Program, receiving daily training focused on ballet. She’s trained in month-long summer intensives taught by guest teachers from all over the world, with one summer spent at a SFB intensive. Haley has also been cast in principle roles for several classical productions including her favorite, Cinderella. As the former captain of the Rocklin High School dance team, she led her team to first place at NDA. Haley student-directed for two years and was voted the “Most Inspirational Dancer” by her peers. The RHS Dance program has given her experience choreographing and teaching because of the leadership positions she earned, so she knows the ropes to being an efficient teacher. Dancing has been Haley’s passion since she slipped on her first ballet shoe and it has shaped her into the dancer, person and instructor she is now. She is so excited to share her love for dance with her future students!

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Amanda is a mother of three, professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor. For 17 years, Amanda has incorporated the dance world into her life. Amanda trained under Tessa White a the Conservatory of Dance as well as other instructors. She has experience in Pointe, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, and Hip Hop with her emphasis being classical and contemporary ballet. Amanda has worked to develop dancers from 3 years to 18 years of age. Amanda spent two summers studying with the Milwaukee Ballet Summer Intensive Program. Following her two summers at Milwaukee Ballet, Amanda was offered a scholarship and role as an apprentice with the Milwaukee Ballet. Amanda’s objective is to infuse a love for the art of dance within each of her students that incorporates passion, discipline and technical strength. Amanda will help each student identify their individual strengths and opportunities. Amanda is committed to teaching with integrity, honor, and consistency and looks forward to being a part of your dancer’s journey.